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Instead of paying for your download sessions individually, now buy bulk downloads for use when you need them and get a great up front discount. It works like a pre-paid phone card, counting down downloads. It's called the You Pick 'Em Plan.

You Pick 'Em Plan


No Time Limits!
Use Forever

  All Versions Included
  Downloads Don't Expire
— No Time Limits
99 Year CSS Standard

Unlimited Uses in Unlimited Productions
Sound Effects included
Unlimited Seats
  Access To Updates •  Playlist Utility
  4 Search Systems, Including Waveform Search
   No Recurring Credit Card Charges

1000 Download
Super Blanket™



Limited time introductory offer

  Unlimited uses worldwide in television and radio commercials and programming; primetime network programming, made for TV, direct to video and theatrical motion pictures and trailers. 
  Productions licensed in perpetuity.
Unlimited duplication of Productions.
Downloads don't expire. No Time Limits
Unlimited Seats
  All versions of selections.
 •  Automatic updates
 •  Playlist Utility
 •  Unlimited uses in Unlimited Productions.
 •  Sound Effects included.
 •  99 Year "Forever License" included.
 •  Hollywood style Master Use and Sync license for deliverables available.
  4 Search Systems, Including Waveform Search
   No Recurring Credit Card Charges or surprise renewals

HOW THE YOU PICK 'EM PLAN WORKS: This plan counts down the downloads you've purchased as you access them. The You Pick 'Em Plan saves you up to 95% off standard single selection download prices. There are no monthly recurring credit card charges. When you're ready to reload, just visit "My Account" and add a fresh supply. Your downloads never expire, use and re-use each download in unlimited productions for 99 years. And there are no time limits by which you must download. The CSS Standard License applies.

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