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Welcome to the Redi-Trax Search

This revolutionary technology brings a new dimension to searching for music. It uses the best of metatag keyword techniques and adds the ability to compare the waveform of a captured sound recording to all of the music waveforms in the CSS Music libraries.


  1. AI Search - Find tunes by asking our AI tool a "question" about the music you need, add an anchor keyword to your AI "question" and keep questions as short as possible; sort search results by "relevance" NOT Title.

  2. SonicSearch (waveform) - Drag and drop a sound recording (.mp3) into the Redi-Trax search field adding a relevant anchor keyword (substitute to refine searches).

  3. Negative Searches - Add a hyphen before a search term to exclude that term from results (e.g. –country).

  4. Keyword Access – On the top menu bar, select “keywords” and click on any that are relevant.

  5. Phrase Searches: To find an exact match to a phrase, simply add quotation marks around it. e.g. "happy birthday".

  6. Browsing Search: While browsing search results, you can further refine your search by clicking on individual terms in the results columns.

  7. Find Similar Tracks - Locate the 3 parallel lines under the title and click.

  8. Advanced Technique: You can limit search terms using AND/OR to create exactly the query you like. (e.g. - country AND upbeat OR happy).


PLEASE NOTE: It is not necessary to sign up on Redi-Trax because all Power Searches will work once you enter the portal. Please do not attempt to download on Reditrax.

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