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AI PRO TIP - Our AI app, Artemis, is still learning. It frankly gets confused sometimes. Some searches bring back ludicrous results. Even good search results will have patches that don't fit the query but still go on to yield more useful results. The advantage of an Artemis search is that it will dig out relevant music that a keyword search alone often won't. Artemis used in conjunction with our 7 other Advanced Power Searches will draw out the perfect tunes for your project.

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Create your own custom search by adding up to 3 keywords separated by commas (including in multiple keyword phrases – e.g. New,Age). For best results use keywords from the Alpha Lists above. No results? Just eliminate a keyword. You can also search by Tele-trax code, Title or Title fragment.


PLEASE NOTE: A Keyword result does not always represent the primary "feeling" of a given selection although secondary aspects of a keyword are present. A true picture of a keyword's spectrum is usually heard by going a few pages into the search results.

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